Gaming peripheral FragON

Gaming peripheral is an auxiliary device connected to a personal computer (PC) or laptop for a better gaming experience. It includes headsets and headset holders, gamepads, mouse bungee and other devices. At present, the increasing penetration of high-speed internet connectivity and the launch of competitive, multiplayer video games are positively influencing the sales of advanced gaming peripherals across the globe.
A significant increase in the number of gaming enthusiasts and professional gamers, in confluence with the escalating demand for an immersive and realistic gaming experience, represents one of the key factors creating a positive outlook for the market. Moreover, the growing popularity of e-sports and virtual reality (VR) games among the masses is driving the adoption of special gaming products that can be customised to provide better ergonomics to users.
Headsets currently represent the largest product type as they block out external noises and facilitate in-game communication. In this case, more people need the special place to put their headsets and here we have FragON headset holders.
At the same time professional gamers using cable mouses for the battles, with FragON mouse bungee they will have mother stability and accuracy as well as ergonomic game zone.
An individual clients could place an order for these useful peripherals here.
For wholesale B2B customers - register on FS Holding B2B portal and get the access to more products.


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