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FS Holding B2B Portal Benefits

Directory: we revelling potential growth for your business with amazing products to expand the markets and meet your customer’s needs by eliminating the gaps between local entities and end consumers.

Augmented support: high quality and officiality of the products guaranteed, along with providing accurate and useful information for levelling up the buyer’s experience.

Recognition: optimized promotions with add-on benefits will succour in building and sustaining your brand awareness, both locally and globally.


One-stop-shop: formore convenient use the B2B platform provides you with all the needed features to organize and monitor your activities. The self-using portal allows you to create and manage accounts, choose and complete the orders and monitor its historical data, as well as download CSV invoices for easy import into your system.

Tuned: the mobile-first concept is pledged for placing the orders or sharing essential information with your partners in any place you need it.

Time to market: with the FS Holding B2B portal you will focus on the core business processes by saving time and money to drive your business.


Priority: personalized offers and support during and after the wholesale purchases.

Customer support: at any level of the partnership your business will receive customer support to lead the business easily and riskless.

Reinforce: enables our users to get special offers for marketing activities. We provide consultancy to go beyond competitors as well as hook up functional channels.