FragStore is our international retail chain for gamers, video games, comics, eSport, films, and anime fans. We have offline stores in the CIS and one in Europe as well as online stores covering logistics all over the world.


What do eSport, games, movies and comics fans dream of?
They wish to have an official merch of their favorite universes.
FS Holding aim to make their dreams happen and realize incredible wishes.
Getting closer to the fans is very easy with us.
Look for FragStore in your country within the Europe or CIS, and get profit from an engaged and growing audience.

  • 01 Additional income from the use of space
  • 02 No requirements for monthly turnover
  • 03 The average margin of our product is 25%
  • 04 Increase in store traffic by attracting a new audience
  • 05 Exchange of unsold stock for a popular product in the amount of 10% of the quarterly purchase
  • 06 No lump-sum and royalty payments for all franchisees