New music planet in Cyprus with BEON1X and FS Holding

We are delighted to share with the whole world new emotions during BEON1X open mind music festival in Cyprus. This electronic music festival united the greatest DJs who will start their sets on the 23 of September in paradise.

To all visitors will be available powerful stages, gaming and relaxation zones, lounges, open spaces, food, drinks, and a special booth with exclusive and limited branded products such as t-shirts, power banks, pins and more, produced by FS Holding. 

People from all over the world will come to enjoy and celebrate freedom, meet old and new friends, express their way of emotions, feelings, creativity and all their personal sides. 

The relationship between music and sport has always been evident at festivals, where it's nearly impossible not to see at least one person donning a sports shirt. This is what exactly we did! Esports and music united together to capture new horizons which aim to exhibit a message of making the world in love with music, peace and joy.

The featured products have been designed in the colours, styles and waves of the spirit of this festival so all people will be able to get at least one piece of that soul and vibes from the festival. 

The products will be available during the festival with a lot of additional bonuses, gifts and smiles. Looking forward to seeing all our friends over there. Stay tuned with us!


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