Get bonus points for purchasing and SK Gaming merchandise and exchange them for gifts

How to get bonus points

Na’Vi, and SK Gaming merchandise is sold in the set with cards with unique promo
codes. The code is hidden under a protection film

1 Purchase merchandise We give you a card with a unique promo code in the set of merchandise
2 Sign up on the site To receive bonus points, you need to create an account
3 Activate the code The more codes you have activated, the more points you receive
4 Choose gifts You can spend your accumulated points in a special store

Proceed to the store to exchange your points for gifts from FS Holding and
arrange delivery

Questions & Answers

You can find answers to the below frequently- asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your specific inquiry, please feel free to contact us via email on the following address and we will do our best in corresponding to your request: [email protected]

Can I accumulate points if I want a large gift?
Yes, you can accumulate points by activating new promo codes
Do points have expiration date?
No, bonus points do not have expiration date
Why do I have to sign up?
It is required to keep record of new and spent points
How do I receive my gift?
After you arrange an order, we will send you the gift by mail. You will receive an email with the notification that the gift has been sent
Where can I purchase merchandise with a promo card?
All Na’Vi, and SK Gaming merchandise is sold with promo cards. Buy products from our official representatives, activate codes and exchange points for gifts
Can I pay for gifts with money?
No, you can get the gifts only for bonus points